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Small activities suitable for Easter:

For painting eggs, you can buy an egg painting box in almost all supermarkets. Boil some eggs and ask your child to decorate them during Easter. Usually you dye different colors in different cups. Eggs will become colorful when covered by paint. Make sure your children wear old clothes when decorating eggs, otherwise the children will become very messy.

Make bunny-themed baked goods. To make bunny-like toast, shopping malls will also sell all kinds of bunny and egg-shaped goods, and small food stores and candy stores are filled with bunny and easter eggs made of chocolate. The "rabbit" looks cute, the eggs are of different shapes, and they taste sweet and suitable for giving to friends. The rabbit symbolizes the revival of spring and the birth of new life.

Spend time with family and friends. Holidays are a great opportunity for us to spend time with our loved ones and enjoy time together. Most people have a holiday on Easter, so use this time to gather with your friends or loved ones.

Plant something to celebrate a new life. As Easter falls in spring in many parts of the world, people see it as a celebration of life. Finding or buying some seeds and planting some new flowers or other plants can help you celebrate Easter and welcome spring.

Finally, I wish you a Happy Easter!