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What kind of makeup is the greatest invention in the world?

In my view, it is false eyelashes! It is understood that as early as the ancient Egyptian era, mankind invented false eyelashes, and Cleopatra VII was a fan of false eyelashes!


To stick false eyelashes, the first step should be to figure out your eye shape and the type of false eyelashes!


It also depends on the stalks of false eyelashes. The stalks of false eyelashes are generally divided into three types: fishing line, cotton thread and plastic. Among them, the cotton thread stems are relatively soft and fit without piercing the eyelids, but the disadvantage is that they are easy to bend when torn off, and the reuse rate is not high!

Fishing line stems have a good makeup feel. You can cut the appropriate length with scissors according to the eye shape. The makeup effect is better, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to lift up. After a period of time, many grils will find their eyelashes fall off.


The plastic stem is harder, and the setting effect is better than cotton thread and fishing thread, because it can hold up the eyelids, but it is difficult to remove makeup. If you don't master the method, it is very easy to tear off the eyelashes or hurt the eyelids!


After talking about how to choose the right type of false eyelashes, let's start to learn the steps of correct false eyelashes:

1. Prepare tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue and small clip.

2. After clamping your own eyelashes, first check whether the length of the false eyelashes is suitable for your own eyes. If it is too long, it needs to be trimmed. Generally speaking, the tail end will be longer. It is most suitable to cut from the end, but it is important to note that the two false eyelashes should be trimmed symmetrically.

3. Before applying the eyelash glue, it is best to massage the false eyelashes to make them softer, so as to adjust the curling degree suitable for the eyes.

4. Note that when applying eyelash glue, apply a little more on the inside of the eye and at the end of the eye, because these two positions are the easiest to lift up. At this time, the small clip can play a very good role, you can use it to adjust the eyelashes, starting from the middle, and then slowly adjusting the end of the eye and the tip of the eye.

5. The most critical step is to use eyeliner to fill in the blank after applying the false eyelashes, because sometimes the glue will not dry out easily and will appear white, which looks weird.

6. For the lower eyeliner, the most important thing is to distinguish the front and back. Contrary to the upper eyelashes, the lower eyelashes are drooping downwards, so just apply the front side. In addition, you don't have to wait long for the eyelashes to be attached, and they can be attached after a few seconds.


Have you learned the tips about false eyelashes Extensions Kit?

Practice makes you perfect.

Those grils who don’t know how to make-up must try more. No matter how powerful beauty bloggers are, they also start with makeup . Only by trying slowly can they continue to find the most suitable makeup. !