Today, I will talk about a frequently asked question "Can pregnant women have eyelashes grafted?"

I believe that many pregnant mothers or eyelash artists are very worried about the harm to the pregnant woman and the baby if the eyelashes are grafted, so let’s explain to you today so that mothers can also graft their lashes with peace of mind.

POINT1: What is the unpleasant gas produced when eyelashes extension are grafted?

The combination of vinyl and the moisture in the air will produce a small amount of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde does have an impact on the human body. So, shouldn't pregnant women not be able to graft their eyelashes?

The answer is NO!

The formaldehyde produced during eyelash grafting is very small and will not affect your health.

POINT2: The grafting time is the most important thing!

Our grafting time should be between 80 minutes and 120 minutes! When pregnant women lie flat for a long time, the uterus will compress the vena cava, resulting in insufficient blood supply and hypoxia of the fetus. Therefore, we recommend that pregnant women take several rests during the grafting.

Having said that, everyone should know what to pay attention to when pregnant women grafting eyelashes. As long as we graft correctly and ensure that the grafting time does not exceed 2 hours, pregnant women should rest and move around, basically, there is no need to worry! 

You should know that many eyelash artists insist on grafting their clients even if they are pregnant until the baby is born!