I don't know if you have noticed that the female friends around did not brush mascara, did not stick false eyelashes, eyelashes are still long and warped? I am grafting by myself all the years at home, because if you grafting eyelashes into a shop every two months,the price is really not cheap.Then I learned that I could do DIY at home.

You need to take some false eyelashes roots that has a certain degree of length and curvature , with special glue on the real eyelashes. Because it is stuck to the eyelashes, do not touch the skin, so your eyes will not have any discomfort.
It will be very natural and mixed with oneself perfectly, then saved the time that you besmear eyelash creams.

Here are the steps for grafting:

1. Use forceps to clip eyelash

◆ A pair of grafted eyelashes: eyelashes for grafting eyelashes suggested to choose more soft and slim, and it just has small damage, grafting eyelashes can also keep a longer time
◆ Glue: the adhesive time of eyelashes is to rely on the glue
◆ Eye patch: Effectively isolate upper and lower eyelashes,then Moisturizing and protecting
◆ Blow-ball: after grafting, use blow-ball to finalize the design

2.Clean eyelashes with cotton and makeup remover, to avoid affecting the adhesion of grafted eyelash glue

3.Tidy up eyelash and apply eye patch

4. Shake up the glue, you can start eyelash grafting, don't rush the first operation

◆ Using pointed tweezers, hold the ends of the false eyelashes and glue two thirds of it
◆ Attach glue-coated false eyelashes to the outer side of the eyelashes 0.5-1 mm from the root ( Do not touch the skin with glue)
◆ Arrange the adhered eyelashes with tweezers
◆ Note: After grafting, dry the glue with the prepared blow-ball

5. Check the grafting results

After grafting , you need to sweep again with eyelash brush and check for firmness.If there is a fall off or the grafting is not satisfactory, it needs to be repaired.