When drawing eyelashes, it is not good every time, maybe you still lack some makeup skills.

Tip 1: Bending the eyelash brush is actually better. After bending the mascara brush and turning it 90 degrees perpendicular to the brush tube, it is easier to control the brush, even if it is difficult to brush (like the fine hair near the corner of the eye), then apply a few more times on the upper and lower eyelashes .

Tip 2: What to do if the color is too light?

Apply on both the upper and lower sides of the eyelashes! If your mascara is light in color, it will be inferior if you only apply it on one side. You must apply it on both sides! In addition, after applying the first layer of mascara, apply talcum powder before continuing. Loose powder and talcum powder can absorb the mascara, , which can make the eye makeup more three-dimensional.


Tip 3: About mascara

A can of brand new mascara is easy to come out too much when you first use it. If you accidentally apply too much, so before applying it for the first time, put too much mascara on a tissue. Brush the "z" back and forth, from the end of the eye to the end of the eyelashes

Soaking in hot water will keep the mascara from clumping and will also make the mascara better. In fact, the mascara should be lost after three months. If it hasn't expired, just cover it and put it in hot water until it becomes cold. Physiological saline is also one of the saviors of caking!

Tip 4: How to use the spoon

Do you find eyelashes super difficult to brush? Use a spoon to cover the bottom of the eyelashes and then apply mascara. Let more of the cream be printed on it, so that you are not afraid to apply it to the place where it should not be applied!

Tip 5: Hidden Savior: Cotton Swab

Apply the eye shadow first before brushing the eyelashes. If the mascara is too dry, it is easy to apply to the skin and make the eye shadow spots drip. The cotton swab can help you remove the ugly stains without destroying the eye shadow! After the spots are dry, use a cotton swab to clean them while turning. Don't rush to apply the mascara when it is wet, otherwise the problem will get worse.

Tip 6: The magical effect of hair dryer

Blow hot air to the eyelash curler, and then clip it after it is hot. The principle is the same as using an electric curler.

Tip 7: Use russian volume lashes  and  individual  cluster lashes

Long eyelash strips are more difficult to control, so try to stick them in one section at a time, from the outer corner of the eye to the inside. All at once can look thick, but section by section is more natural. Glue: apply glue directly at the junction of eyelashes and eyelids.

If you want to achieve long-term results, you can use eyelash extension home glue to do it, which can last for 3-5 days.and you can do it by your self.