Halloween is coming soon, and many friends will go to party with friends or companies. In addition to paying attention to your own fashion, there is also makeup. However, eyes are often the second window of the human soul. A pair of beautiful eyes is very tempting, especially in a multi-person gathering. On occasions, if you want to increase your attention, you must use big eye makeup to steal the spotlight!


Maybe some people often admire the slender and delicate eyelashes of others, but they are not very good at applying fake eyelashes, and don’t want to spend money on explanting eyelashes. Then you can follow the mascara big eye brush method and technique, and change the mascara application. Get used to it, maybe you can paint big eyelashes with full power!







Tip 1/ It is best to have two mascaras in your makeup bag

Sometimes when I apply my own eyelashes, the most frustrating thing is that I tried to create a satisfactory curve. After applying the mascara, it completely collapsed. The effect is long, but it is not curled at all, and it is not good-looking; or you can find one. It keeps the curl, but it's not long at all. It doesn't seem to be too different if it is applied or not. Instead of this, have you ever thought that you can combine two mascaras with two swords, first apply thick mascara as a base, thicken the eyelashes, and then apply long mascara after it is dry, so that you can create a thick and long mascara Eyelashes!








TIP  2 / The golden number of eyelashes is two to three times!

Even if you can combine two mascaras with two swords, remember not to apply too many times! Generally, mascara can only be applied two to three times in a row. If it is applied more than five times, most of the mascara will dry out after applying halfway, and then become stiff and clumpy. So apply it quickly, ruthlessly and accurately!




TIP   3 / Brown mascara can have a refreshing effect

Most of us choose black mascara every day. Yes, black can have the effect of enlarging the eyes, but the original brown mascara has the effect of brightening the eyes. For people with thousands of years of dark circles, brown mascara can be used. Help disperse the focus of dark circles! And nowadays, many people also dye their hair. Compared with dark black, brown mascara is more suitable for people with light hair color, and it looks more uniform!



TIP  4/ Apply from the root of eyelashes! Different coating methods can change the eye shape

Think you can enlarge your eyes by simply applying a few mascara? In fact, the focus is on the details! If you don’t apply the mascara from the root, it will look shorter! And different eye shapes can also be applied with different coating methods. For example, if you want your eyes to look rounder, you can focus on the inner part of the eye to create a genie electric eye makeup.

Tip 5/ Use baby powder to grow eyelashes!

If you want to make your eyelashes longer, many people will also use eyelash extender, but if you want to grow in an emergency, you might as well use the magic weapon of eyelashes: baby powder! First, clamp the eyelashes and apply a layer of mascara, then apply talcum powder with a cotton swab and apply a thin layer on the eyelashes, and finally apply a layer of mascara. The eyelashes immediately look thicker and longer, and the eyes are more dense. There is a significant zoom effect!