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05 Nov 0 4947
Stop! ! You are  so fascinating Eyelash Elves ~If you want to be a delicate girl, then have a charming long eyelashes bar first! !1. Six major advantages of grafting eyelashes◆More natural and vivid t..
18 Sep 0 1159
Any organ of the body is very important to us, and any organ plays an irreplaceable role. Classic eyelash extension are also very important. They can make our eyes look more radiant.But in daily life,..
13 Aug 0 804
The world’s longest eyelashes and thickest eyelashes, 6.99 cm longEspecially women like long, thick eyelashes. They are a symbol of beauty. Please enjoy the longest eyelashes in the world and the thic..
aris 28 May 1 734
Not everyone has thick, attractive eyelashes. At this time, false eyelashes come in handy. Let us put aside the various false eyelashes on the market, learn about them from the false eyelashes themsel..
11 Sep 0 720
It is more common for fat particles to grow from the roots of the eyelashes. We can use a needle to pick out the fat particles when they turn yellow and hard. In addition, we should also pay attention..
14 Sep 0 468
Today, we have sorted out the nine most frequently asked questions and the best answers from customers, so that the answers can make customers trust you more, and rest assured that the beauty of eyela..
aris 10 Mar 0 450
The following step-by-step for applying eyelash extensions was provided by NovaLash EyeLash Extensions. Step 1. Apply eyelash extension padsWhen applying under eyelash extension pads, you should avoid..
aris 21 Dec 0 449
 1. Remove eye makeup first. Use a mild makeup remover to remove mascara and eyeliner to help you see the natural eyelashes clearly when grafting. 2. Facial absorption of steam: hot steam is good for ..
aris 17 Mar 0 425
Every girl dreams of having thick eyelashes, but removing false eyelashes is also a technical problem. How to remove eyelashes at home? The following content can help youThe first method: 1. Put the c..
allen 26 Nov 0 420
Even with the same style of false eyelashes, different colors give people different feelings! At present, the common false eyelashes on the market are black, brown, black and brown, etc. Please choose..
aris 14 Apr 0 412
Because you can use different styling eyelashes to get hybrid lash extensions, you can freely choose the style you want, and you can decide the length, density, thickness, and color of the entire eyel..
22 Oct 0 385
Detailed steps for eyelash grafting:STEP1 Preliminary preparationThe eyelash artist prepares all the tools and products that need to be used, as well as disinfect all the tools that will be used in th..
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